MEHello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Rayna, and this is where I talk about who I am and what inspires me.

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I try my best to live my life to the fullest every day and appreciate the little things. (It’s so hard to do this – thankfully life is a journey!) Some of the ways to describe me: introvert, feminist, uncontrollable reader, over-thinker, Hufflepuff, Saskatchewan girl, sarcastic, full of references, selectively adventurous homebody, night owl.

I have dreamt of being a veterinarian since I was a little kid, and I am currently in my second year of the veterinary medicine program! I am excited to make my dream a reality. I also love to travel and wish I had more time to explore the world. Visiting every country is my very long-term goal, and although it may sound unrealistic, I am still hopeful. I currently spend all my time at school, studying, getting ready to go to school, and avoiding studying by reading instead. It is exhausting, but time is flying by and I am constantly getting closer to the real world.

I hope you find a reason to smile today and every day!


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So I don’t know if you’ll even see this, but I was bored and googled my name and found you’re site and we’ll just wanted to say that we seem to have quite. Few things in common. What really got me was the Taylor Swift quote,and your love of reading and crafting. So from one Rayna Leigh to another. Stay Beautiful, every little piece love.


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