Album Spotlight: Midland – EP

Midland is blowing up the radio lately with their single “Drinkin’ Problem” – and I’m loving it. These guys have been in the music business for years, and now that they have caught their big break, I can tell that they are going places for sure. Their music is old and soulful, which is really lacking in country music today with all of the pop influence that has bled in.

I was lucky enough to see this band open for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the Soul2Soul tour in June, and WOW – they blew my mind with how amazing they sounded. It was just them and their guitars, so getting to hear their songs acoustically before listening to the EP was really special.

finally bought the EP this week (I don’t know what I was waiting for!!) and I have had it on repeat. All five songs are truly amazing and lovely and just so country. They make me dance around and sing along, which is the mark of amazing music to me.

My order in terms of favourite songs:

  1. Check Cashin’ Country
  2. Drinkin’ Problem
  3. Burn Out
  4. Electric Rodeo
  5. This Old Heart

(The last two are technically tied for #4 – all the songs are honestly that good!!)

Go buy this EP if you want to listen to some country music that’s as good as it gets. Much love to Midland and I can’t wait to listen to more of their music in the future!


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