Introspection of Acceptance

She’s quick to laugh

Fiercely loyal to her pack

Lives a life of references
Made of limitless layers

Her eyes twinkle with mischief
Lashes back when she’s crossed

An unspontaneous adventurer
Accepts life as complicated

A lover of family time
Not ashamed to cry

She’s learning to love
Herself, slowly, but truly

Rayna Anderson
January 2018

On Feeling Overwhelmed…

Deep breathing does nothing
To stop the hands of time.

I feel like I’m running a marathon
On a forever-uphill climb.

A task off my to-do list
Seems to add two more.

I was dropped in the middle of the ocean
Unable to even see the shore.

There aren’t enough seconds in the day
To ever feel accomplished.

Every new thing I learn
Leaves my brain demolished.

I want so badly to succeed
That this really makes me mad.

If this feeling ever goes away
I will truly be so glad…

Rayna Anderson
September 12, 2017

I am

I hurt / because the world is cruel.
I love / those who deserve it.
I hate / inequality.
I fear / not standing up for myself.
I hope / for a better tomorrow.
I cry / because it’s healthy.
I feel / small in the universe.
I talk / but never really say what I mean.
I listen / and dissect everything.
I break / at others’ pain.
I work / for a bright future.
I remember / those who have left me here.
I hold / memories in my heart.
I hide / feelings deep inside.
I pray / not completely expecting change.
I drive / my life forward.
I read / between the lines.
I learn / from every experience.
I know / not nearly enough.
I sing / the song that’s in my heart.
I want / to have a new world.
I think / of a more meaningful life.
I am / who I am.
I am / me, plain, simple.

Rayna Anderson

Where I Wish I Could Be

“Hey beautiful” replaces “Hey bitch.”
The inside is criticized before the outside,
Not the other way around.
Traits and qualities are used to describe,
Not things that set us apart as minorities.
Who cares what you are?
It only matters who you are.
The color of your
Eyes is appreciated
Before the color of your skin is noted
In a world
Where I wish I could be.

Rayna Anderson
February 22, 2013

I Am From…

I am from the whistling kettle
from Bounce and dryer lint
I am from the fresh air
lingering after mom’s evening walk
I am from the day lilies
The mock orange
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from Christmas oranges and striking eyes
from Arndt and Doetzel
I’m from rednecks and cowboys
and from dreamers escaping small town confinement.

I’m from Franklin and Lennon
and Jesus loves the little children
I’m from cards while camping
I’m from the big city and crossing the sea
Biscuits and garden carrots
From dad’s immobile thumb
bonding over The Price is Right
Family gatherings before the deaths
forever in my heart
memories are all that remain.

Rayna Anderson
November 22, 2013

The Complexity of a Soul

FullSizeRender-3Her eyes are the window into her soul…
She embodies the moments
Surrounding dusk and dawn,
Somehow both golden and blue.

She’s fire and ice,
Darkness and light,
A lover and a fighter,
Alone, yet still searching.

She will only be crossed once,
Thinks of stars as still living,
Has a hard time letting go,
And dreams of new beginnings.