My childhood was a frenzy of activities, most of which were sports. My brother and I were very into soccer and curling, and I also enjoyed cross country running and track & field in elementary school. I played soccer until Grade 7 and curled from Grades 3 to 11 (coaching junior high kids in Grades 10-12).

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I was also really into arts and crafts as a kid, participating in many programs at the museum and drama at school.

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I also played volleyball and basketball in elementary and junior high school, both of which are fun enough but I’m not very good at either!

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Curling is definitely one of my passions, and I spent many summers at curling camp in Leduc, which is a few days of learning and training to improve skills in the sport. I had tons of fun!

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After high school, I moved on from organized sports to casual activities and honestly, general laziness. I enjoy skating, the occasional bike ride, and backyard games with my family. I also joined campus rec curling and volleyball teams, but neither really stuck even though they were both fun. Hiking is something I really enjoy, and there are so many places waiting to be explored.

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