Career Journey

I have wanted to be a veterinarian since before Kindergarten. The only pets I have ever had are fish (which I don’t actually consider to be pets), but I have always loved to play with and take care of the animals of family and friends. In grade 8, I started volunteering at the Lloydminster Animal Hospital. I saw many cool surgeries and procedures, tons of blood collections, and even more nail trims and anal gland expressions. I was a bona fide pooper scooper, and I absolutely loved it. After nearly three and half years of volunteering, I was hired as a Kennel Assistant. I would work on some afternoons and school holidays, and I worked full-time during the summer of 2015. I have had so many awesome experiences and seen some really interesting cases, and I can’t wait to study veterinary medicine. I am more than grateful for the knowledge and experience that I have gained from everyone at the Animal Hospital after nearly six years of volunteering and working.

quads 3

One of my favorite photos ever: quadruplet calves. 🙂

I completed my first year of university at Lakeland College, fulfilling some of the requirements for an Animal Bioscience degree. Before you can apply for veterinary medicine, you first have to complete at least two pre-vet years. I attended the University of Saskatchewan for my second year, and I was able to get an interview spot, even though I didn’t get a spot in the program. I was really close though – I ended up being 24th, just 4 spots away from getting in!

So after all of this (the Animal Hospital, Lakeland College, moving to Saskatoon to continue my schooling, and applying for the first time), I worked for the summer at the College of Agriculture as a leader of the AgBio Discovery Program before starting my third year of Animal Bioscience. The AgBio job was a summer filled with talk of agriculture, and I loved giving tours of the dairy barn. We raised pigs and chickens with the campers in July and August, which was such a great experience! During my animal nutrition class, we ran a digestibility trial, and I got to hang out with nine adorable calves for a month. I learned a lot about animal husbandry from these experiences, and my third year classes have really broadened the scope of my knowledge that I know will help me in the future.

I had a second interview, and it went really well! After waiting for a month to find out if I got a spot, I received the good news that I made it. I am going to be vet. I repeat, I AM GOING TO BE A VET! I am beyond thrilled to take this next step at the WCVM and see where my life takes me once I’m a doctor in four years. So exciting!


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