I don’t do it often, but I really do love to write! I always went above and beyond on school assignments, as I tended to overwrite, exceed word count limits, and expand on my teachers’ guidelines. Once I got an idea in my head, I had to make it seem fully fleshed out in my mind – it was really hard to stop writing just because I had to. I am that nerd that had fun writing essays in high school and university, and I loved talking to my teachers to find ways to improve my writing. Don’t expect any journal articles any time soon – they bore me so very much… I don’t write essays for classes anymore, so it’ll be short stories and poetry from here on out, which is fine with me. I think that I have a really great imagination, so that helps with short story writing. But I don’t think I’m novel-writing caliber, so I likely won’t ever cross into that territory. My poetry is pretty average, but I love my large vocabulary and my outlook on the world, so even if no one else likes my poems, I do and that’s all that really matters in the end. 🙂